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Lubricating oil never wears out. It only gets dirty. Base lubricating oil can be recovered from used lube oils by the process of re-refining and the base lube oils thus recovered is equal in quality, if not superior to virgin base oils. This recovered oil can be termed re-refined base oil. However, given the high quality maintained by it as well as the significant impact it has in protecting the environment and conserving a vital natural resource (crude oil) of the planet, re-refined base oils can be called "double refined" or "green" lube oils. At Swan Petro Products, we understand the value the of this product and offer different grades of re-refined base lube oils to our customers. By procuring re-refined base oils from various re-refineries in the region and from its operating plants in the U.S. and selling it to blenders in the lubricant industry who further process this before final sale as finished lubricants, Swan forms an important nexus in the lube oil re-refining industry.


Petroleum sludge is an environmental threat in many geographies around the world and its treatment very often results in the recovery of commercially useful fuel oils. Products like these can be sold to different industries interested in procuring fuels economically and at least cost to the ecosystem! Swan trades in such recovered industrial fuels. Another source of recovered fuel oils are used oil re-refineries. Here, these fuels (most likely a mixture of kerosene, gasoline, diesel and naphthalene) are produced as a by-product. But their good quality ensures healthy commercial value.


These are primarily the heaviest residue produced in the used oil re-refining process. They are most widely used in road laying.


Swan deals with the purchase and sale of base oil distillates, better known commercially as vacuum gas oil, between distributors, wholesalers and re-refineries. VGO finds a variety of applications in the industry, from lubrication to energy.


Industrial effluents very often contains solvents that were used for various processes. This spent solvent stream, if disposed without the proper treatment can be very dangerous for the environment. Many environmental engineering technologies exist for the proper recovery of commercially useful solvents from liquid hydrocarbon wastes. It is in such recovered solvents that Swan Petro Products trades in. Swan's parent company - PESCO BEAM - has a history of operating plants that processed and produced anhydrous fuel ethanol. Having technologies to recover useable clean solvents, the firm has designed and built systems for many companies including Dupont, Vivendi, Fina Total, Solvay, Solutia, PPG. PESCO BEAM has built more than 20 on-site solvent recovery systems. The innovative systems recovers the usable solvent from the waste, then cleans and prepares the product for re-use by the factory which generates it. This saves the client money in solvent purchases, waste disposal and environment and public health liability. The following are the various solvents that PESCO BEAM's systems can recover and Swan Petro Products can handle requests for establishing such recovery plants:

  • Mineral spirits
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Propylene glycol
  • N Methyl Pyrrollidone
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide
  • Acetone
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Iso propanol
  • Methyl alcohol
  • Acetates
  • Limonene
  • Antifreeze
  • Many others


Owing to its ownership by PESCO BEAM, Swan Petro Products supplies complete plants and systems designed, engineered and manufactured by the former. The supply of these systems are done on a turn-key basis and all stages from design all the way through to commissioning are encompassed.


Depending on the situation and the environment, Swan Petro Products will be involved in owning and/or operating and managing used lube oil re-refining pants and/or other integrated petroleum waste management facilities. With solid expertise in environmental engineering technologies and with a background in owning an operating fuel-ethanol production plants, Swan's parent company - PESCO BEAM - is ideally poised to lend its know-how and experience to Swan Petro Products to enter owning/operation & management contracts with various parties.